Flower pictures from Ireland just a hop, skip and jump back. Andrew Nicholl, artist. Living from 1804 to 1886, he painted beaches in Ceylon too but I like the flower ones best.

“July Wildflowers.” 19th c. Irish. Watercolor on paper. Image © Irish Museum of Modern Art. Fair use license. via https://imma.ie/collection/july-wild-flowers/
“A flowerbank with poppies, harebells and marigolds.” 19th c. Irish. Pencil and watercolor, heightened with touches of bodycolor and with scratching out. Signed signed “A. Nicholl, R.H.A.” on the lower right. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2021. Fair use license. via https://www.christies.com/en/lot/lot-4704754
“Wildflowers with a View of Dublin Dunleary.” 19th c. Watercolor on paper. Collections of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore. Image © bridgemanimages.com. Artwork itself in the public domain due to age. via https://www.meisterdrucke.uk/fine-art-prints/Andrew-Nicholl/126151/Wildflowers-with-a-View-of-Dublin-Dunleary-.html

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