Snuff mulls in rams horn and silver or silver plate. Sitting on castors, they were pushed around the dining room table so everyone could take their snuff. Two with finials modeled as animals, the third made with an actual ram’s head with horns attached.

Presentation large snuff mall, the scrolling horns centered by a silver snuff mall and raised on a scroll support, the hinged flat cover of the mull with a horse-form finial, all above a band of thistles, the horn tips applied with silver sleeves engraved with thistles, the side engraved with a presentation inscription dated 1902 above the depiction of a distillery. 1901. Made in Sheffield, England by Walker and Hall. Silver and ram horn. Maker’s marks: marked on the the side, cover, underside of the cover and the horn tips. Image © Christie’s 2021. Fair use license. via
Snuff mall which, mounted on castors, would have been rolled down the table for gentlemen to partake of the snuff in the small silver box on top of the ram’s head. Attached to the ram’s head by small silver chains are a rake with which to scratch the snuff, a small spoon to scoop it up and a rabbit’s foot for the gentlemen to wipe their moustaches after taking their snuff. 1875. Made in Edinburgh, Scotland for the Mosgiel Woolen Company. Silver, ram’s head and rabbit foot. Collections of the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum, New Zealand.  © Crown Copyright. Fair use license. via,top%20of%20the%20ram’s%20head.
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Silver plated ram’s horn presentation snuff mall topped with a hinged box. Dog finial standing guard above a stag’s head with a single hoof support and the end of the horn tipped with a claw shaped silver mount. Late 19th c. Made in Sheffield, England by Walker and Hall. Silver plate and ram’s horn. Image © Cynthia Findlay Fine Jewellery and Antiques. Fair use license. via

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