Baroque still lifes. Spanish. Antonio Ponce, artist. Living from ca. 1608 to 1677, he was an apprentice in the workshop of Juan van der Hamen whose niece he married. Also painted garlands.

Still life with flowers and fruits. 17th c. Spanish. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed “AP” on the lower left on the edge. Image © 2021 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via

Bodegón de dulces, frutos secos, cerámica y vidrios. 17th c. Spanish. Oil on canvas. Image © 1986-2021 Invaluable, LLC and Fernando Duran, Madrid. Fair use license. via

Still life in the kitchen. 17th c. Spanish. Oil on canvas. Collections of the Museo del Prado, Madrid. In the public domain in the United States because the artist died over 100 years ago. via,AntonioStill-Life_in_the_Kitchen-_17th_c.jpg

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