Hand-fans with painted scenes. From Fans d’Eventail, Paris. Some may still be available for purchase.

Giant theatre fan with painted with a scene from Voltaire’s “Brutus.” ca. 1790. Printed and painted paper leaf. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Paris. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/18th-century-fans/3011-brutus-by-voltaire-giant-theater-fan-circa-1790.html
Love at the sound of the tambourine. A ivory and bone brisé fan pierced and painted like Vernis Martin and varnished. ca. 1690. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/18th-century-fans/3002-love-at-the-sound-of-the-tambourine-fan-circa-1690.html
Tortoiseshell fan with a painted black gauze leaf decorated with the nymphs of the four seasons. ca. 1880-1890. Signed ” Andréas”. With its box from A. Weyl Paris. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/2996-nymphs-of-the-four-seasons-fan-circa-1880-1890.html
Mother-of-pearl fan with a vellum leaf painted with roses. ca. 1880-1890. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/3007-roses-fan-circa-1880-1890.html
Hand-fan with wooden sticks and guards and a printed and painted paper leaf depicting Heloise and Abelard, the cursed lovers. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/18th-century-fans/3008-the-cursed-lovers-heloise-and-abeilard-fan-circa-1785.html
Ivory hand-fan with pierced and carved sticks and guards with a painted vellum leaf painted with “The Sincere and Faithful Love.” 1862. Signed “Hamon.” Jean-Louis Hamon (1821-1874) having been a French painter representative of the neo-Greek movement who exhibited several times at the Salon and at the 1855 and 1867 Universal Exhibitions. Image © Fans d’Eventails, Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/3009-the-sincere-and-faithful-love-fan-by-hamon-1862.html

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