Secessionist biscuit barrels/cookie jars from German firm WMF (Wurttembergische Metallwarenfabrik)

Biscuit barrel jar with a silver plated metal rim, bail handle and lid. Clear glass body decorated with Secessionist décor featuring three flashed medallions of dark ruby red with engraved acccents connected by ribbons encircling the jar. ca. 1900-1910. German. Maker’s marks: Stamped on the other edge of the rim with one of WMF’s ostrich marks which includes “WMF’ and “G” for Geislingen an der Steige. The “G” having typically been included on a WMF piece made for the French market. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via
Biscuit barrel with a reticulated frame and lid with Secession elements which are repeated in the hand-cut and etched crystal liner. The source does not say but the metal elements are probably silver plate though they also worked with pewter. ca. 1905. German. Illustrated on page 252 of the WMF workshop’s 1906 catalog. Image © Cherubs Antique Gallery. Fair use license. via

Bonbonnière or small biscuit barrel. Copper frame with sold brass soldered ball feet, handles and finial. Etched glass container. 1920-1949. German. Maker’s marks: clear W.M.F. ostrich in diamond stamp. Image © 2021 Fair use license. via

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