An envisioning. 1974 and the apartment on Central Park West.

Oh to be here. A new store to visit every time any of the shopping loving cousins come and an apartment big enough and a view grand enough for someone to want to come.

A husband rich enough even for Mother with whole chunks of Wyoming and Montana covered with vile smelling pools filled with something that stinks like the ride in volcano the time Father took everyone to Mexico for Christmas. From the mines they owned, they said. All of it dug out and remade as a dandy house where the land met the sky surrounded by buffalo that danced with their babies while the children kept trying to join in.

All of that gone and legs that ache too much to even think of riding a horse but memories galore .. . . but still . . .. fun yes but before that. .. . the field hockey team at school and doing whatever one wants as long as you are ready for dinner at six. . . .no husband, no children and an afternoon that never runs out. . .

Field hockey players at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky. Early 20th c. image. Louis Edward Nollau, photographer. Louis Edward Nollau Nitrate Photographic Print Collection, UK Libraries.via

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