Hand-fans to flirt the evening away. Fans d’Eventail, Paris.

Ivory  brisé  hand-fan painted and varnished with a Biblical scene of Eleazar refusing to eat pork. The guard applied with mother-of-pearl, engraved. Early 18th c. Maker not known. Image © Fans d’Eventail, Paris. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/18th-century-fans/3074-eleazar-refusing-to-eat-pork-early-18th-century-fan.html
Hand-fan called a bouquet holder that once closed forms a bouquet of flowers. Paper leaf printed and enhanced with gouache and bone sticks and guards. The guards with mirrors and bouquets in feather and fabric, with two paper hollows at the top of each guard to slip in fresh flowers. ca. 1855. Image © Fans d’Eventail, Paris. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/novelty-hands-fans/3075-fan-with-bouquet-circa-1855.html The website at the link has many photographs of it folded up into a bouquet holder holding real flowers.
Large hand-fan, the leaf in black gauze painted with angels fishing and embroidered with needle lace with flowers and foliage. White mother of pearl sticks and guards, engraved and applied with silver leaves. ca. 1890-1895. French. Signed “L. Boillat,” Lucie Boillat having been a French miniaturist painter. Image © Fans d’Eventail, Paris. Fair use license. via https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/3085-fishing-angels-fan-by-boillat-circa-1890-95.html

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