Antique tankards in silver with interesting motifs and decorations. At least I think they are interesting.

Cymric tankard. Silver decorated with enamel, featuring pear-shaped cabochons of azurmalachite and lapis lazuli. 1902. Arts and Crafts. Scottish/Manx. Designed by Archibald Knox (1864-1933) for Liberty of London, Ltd. Birmingham. Marked CYMRIC. Image © Bonhams 2001-2023. Fair use license. via
Antique horse race tankard with a German Imperial Association. Silver with straight and paneled sides with a low-relief frieze with branch borders depicting galloping riders, racing through the countryside with trees and buildings in the background. Split mounted s-scroll handle with thumb rest, the bottom with an applied branch and leaf border and open supports. Hinged cover that is bellied with imbricated leaf rim; on top is a cast finial in the form of a mounted jockey and an engraved phrase citing Kaiser Wilhelm I in an illusion to an officers race in Meresberg, a town in what is now south-western Germany. The inscribed phrase reading: Kaiser Wilhelm dem Sieger in dem Offizier-Rennen zu Meresburg am 2 Juni 1878. Unmarked. Image ©, Inc. 2023. Fair use license. via

Silver tankard. 1878. Made in Moscow, Russia by Ivan Kuzminin. Maker’s marks: stamped MOSCOW 1878. Image ©, Inc. 2023. Fair use license. via

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