Hand-fans from Fan d’Eventail of Paris. All more elegant than an air conditioner.

Hand-fan, the skin leaf painted in the 18th century taste of noble horsemen giving alms to the poor people. Mother-of-pearl engraved sticks and guards. made ca 1870-1890. Image © Fan d’Eventails, Paris. Fair use license. https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/3685-the-distribution-of-alms-fan-circa-1870-90.html
Hand-fan, the leaf painted with a large view of Macau harbor with the reverse painted in the motif of an audience with a messenger on a white horse. Macau which is located on a peninsula in the estuary of the Pearl River Delta in southeast China, first became an important Portuguese trading post in the 16 century, welcoming trading ships from other European countries as can be seen here amidst small traditional Chinese boats. One of the European ships seen here is flying the French tricolour. Bone sticks and guards. Made ca. 1850. Image © Fan d’Eventails, Paris. Fair use license. https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/oriental-fans/3687-trade-in-the-port-of-macau-chinese-fan-circa-1850.html
Hand-fan painted with a nocturnal eruption, perhaps of the Stromboli volcano as seen from San Bartolo. Horn brisé fan inlaid with steel sequins. Made ca. 1820-1830. Image © Fan d’Eventails, Paris. Fair use license. https://www.fandeventails.fr/en/19th-century-fans/3666-volcano-at-night-fan-circa-1820-30.html

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