Ladies in red velvet dresses. Different artists and countries and different times.

Louisa Anne Beresford (nee Stuart), Marchioness of Waterford. 1859-1860. British. Oil on canvas. Francis Grant, painter (1803-1878). Collections of the National Portrait Gallery, London. Cc0 License. via
“Kniende Stifterin” (detail). 1450-1460. Early Netherlandish. Tempera and oil on panel. Petrus Christus, painter (1410/1420-1475/1476). Collections of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. In the public domain in the United States because the artist has been dead over 100 years. via
Portrait of Marguerite Stern. 1889. French. Charles-Auguste-Emile Durand known as Carolus-Duran, artist (1837-1917). Collections of the Musee du Petit Palais, Paris. Artwork itself in the public domain due to age. via