Beautiful Jugendstil vaults and ceiling decorations in of all places Detroit, Michigan by Hungarian artist Géza Maróti. Just happened to be in the United States doing other work in the late 1920’s when the commission happened to come along.

Arcade detail.
Arcade detail. Image © 2019 Vox Media, Inc. Photography by Michelle and Chris Gerard. Fair use license. via
Arcade ceiling detail.
Arcade ceiling detail. Photo credit: Jack P. Johnson © 2010. Fair use license. via
Ceiling detail.
Ceiling detail. Image © 2003-2019. Fair use license. via
Vaulting detail.
Vaulting detail. Michelle & Chris Gerard, photographers. Image © 2019 Vox Media, Inc. Fair use license. via
Arcade vaulting.
Arcade vaulting. Image, Copyright © 2019. Fair use license. via

Note: These images are all several years old, dating back to 2009. The building is under restoration fortunately and no doubt looks better than this.

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