Heading for the beach with American Impressionist Edward Henry Potthast. Living from 1857 to 1927. Studying art in America and then Europe he is best known for his paintings of people having fun.

"The Shade." ca. 1928.
“The Shade.” ca. 1928. Oil on panel. Image © Spanierman Gallery, LLC, New York. Fair use license. via https://www.incollect.com/articles/edward-henry-potthast-1857-1927
"Beach Scene Number 5."
“Beach Scene Number 5.” ca. 1920. In the public domain because the artist died over 70 years ago. via http://ipaintingsforsale.com/painting/beach_scene_5-11746.html
“Canoeing.” First exhibited in 1923. Oil on board. Image ©2018 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. Fair use license. via http://www.artnet.com/artists/edward-henry-potthast/canoeing-a-_P2lZ2VFxmwIu-BW38Pthw2
"A Sailing Party" (Going for a Sail). ca. 1924.
“A Sailing Party” (Going for a Sail). ca. 1924. Image © Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati. Fair use license. via https://cincinnatiartmuseum.org/art/exhibitions/exhibition-archive/2013-exhibitions/eternal-summer-the-art-of-edward-henry-potthast/

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