Castellani. Victorian gold jewelry with an Etruscan Revival spin.

Pendant/brooch. mid 19th century.
Pendant/brooch. mid 19th century. Gold. Image © 2019 Beladora Inc. Fair use license. via
Diadem. ca. 1860.
Diadem. ca. 1860. Gold, agate, glass, pearls, and enamel. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In the public domain. via
"Campana" sun-chariot crescent earrings. ca. 1860.
“Campana” sun-chariot crescent earrings. ca. 1860. Gold. Said to have been inspired by a pair of 4th century BC Etruscan earrings in the collection of the Louvre. Image © 2010 S J Phillips Ltd London. Fair use license. via

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