Outdoors with the sun not wanting to peek out. Belgian. Gustav De Smet, painter (1877-1943).The older brother of Leon de Smet.

"Farm and corn field." ca. 1942.
“Farm and cornfield.” ca. 1942. Image © 2018 Blouin Corp. Fair use license. via https://www.blouinartsalesindex.com/auctions/Gustave-de-Smet-7113788/Farm-and-corn-field-1942
"De Palingvisser"(The Eel Fisher). 1900
“De Palingvisser”(The Eel Fisher). 1900. Oil on canvas. Image © 2018 Kloser Contemporary Art. Fair use license. via http://kloserart.com/continuum%252520119/exhibition%252520continuum%252520119/WORKS%2520ON%2520SHOW%2520CONTINUUM%2520119/The%2520Eel%2520Fisher.html
"Wood of Silver Firs." 1911.
“Wood of Silver Firs.” 1911. Image © Auction Zip 2003 – 2019. Fair use license. via https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/Gustave-DE-SMET-1877-1943_46547588D2

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