New post in my public (free) series on patreon now live. This one being Tudor Revival. Into being after 1850 but it just keeps circling back. Link below.

Half jewelry, half other fun things. Many items, not just this one. Enough for another Sunday, too. May/probably will end up inching into the fall at the rate I keep finding/getting sent more all too good to leave there.

The revivals series being entirely free complete with its’ own archive going back to, I think, last February to be looked through if you’d like.

The other posts on patreon living behind a patron only firewall but you can see some of it for only $5. USD/month. They accept currency from all over the world, however as patreon is an international thing. Should you be interested in supporting my work and can, please check out what’s available at the various levels. Thanks! Sarah.

Tudor rose brooch/pendant. ca. 1875.
Tudor rose brooch/pendant. ca. 1875. Victorian English. Gold and enamel with an old mine cut diamond in the center. Opaque white enamel with guilloche red and green enamel. Image courtesy Aesthetic Engineering Fine Jewels and Antiques, Decatur, Georgia. Image © 1998-2019 Ruby Lane, Inc. Fair use license. via

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