Art pottery in glowing colors painted by William S. Mycock for Pilkington’s Lancastrian Pottery and Tiles. British. Various sources and all beautiful.

Lustre vase. 1933.
Lustre vase. 1933. Ovoid form with a red ground and iridescent copper band of galleons in full sail. Incised ETR, painted monogram and date code. Mycock in collaboration with Edward T Radford for Pilkington. Image © Metropress Ltd, (t/a Auction Technology Group). Fair use license. via
Lustre vase. ca. 1908.
Lustre vase. ca. 1908. Globular body and a short flared neck. Decorated with a motif of stylized foliage and flowers against a yellow ground, Impressed factory mark and ‘2507’ with painted artist’s monogram to base. William S. Mycock for Pilkington. Image © Copyright Toovey’s 2017-2019. Fair use license. via
Lustre vase. ca. early 20th c.
Lustre vase. ca. early 20th c. Large three-handled vase with formal decoration of flowers in green over orange in a Persian style. Full artists monogram. Mycock for Pilkinton. Image © Ewbank Auctions, Surrey. Fair use license. via
Baluster vase. 1913.
Baluster vase, painted with a band of Lion Rampant between borders of fleur-de-lys in copper and ruby lustre on a blue lustre ground. Painted monogram and datemark. 1913. Painted by Mycock and designed by Walter Crane for Pilkington. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2019. Fair use license. via

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