Places in France from just a little while ago. Two in Paris and the third on the Riviera. Jean Dufy, artist. Living from 1888 to 1964, he was the brother of Raoul Dufy.

"Bois du Boulogne." ca. 1950.
“Bois du Boulogne.” ca. 1950. Color lithograph. Signed in pencil on the lower margin. Image © Swann Auction Galleries. Fair use license. via
"Ponts de la Seine." ca. 1954.
“Ponts de la Seine.” ca. 1954. Oil on canvas. Image ©2019 Grand Valley State University. Fair use license.
"L’hôtel Welcome à Villefranche-sur-Me." 1926. Oil on canvas.
“L’hôtel Welcome à Villefranche-sur-Me.” 1926. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated on the lower right. Image ©. Fair use license. via

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