Grande Salière de table, salt cellars to impress anyone, or maybe no one. Either way, they are unique. 18th and 19th century.

Grand salière de table
Grand salière de table, faïence with polychrome decoration of four characters alternating with shells supporting a salt dish decorated with a bird. Square base with rolling feet. Maker not known. Image © Bils Ceramiques, Lyon and Fair use license. via
Large faïence salt. Probably 19th c.
Large faïence salt, polychrome with a motif of four harpies supporting a cup decorated with an angel stopping a man from making a sacrifice with four individual shells in each corner. Probably 19th c. Probably made in Italy. Maker not known. Image © 1995-2019 eBay Inc.© 1995-2019 eBay Inc. Fair use license. via

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