Japonisme, our topic for this Sunday’s public (free) series. Starting after Japan opened its borders in 1853 and coming back around a few times .. . live on my patreon page, link below.


Five images, not just the one. Then there’s that fabulous one of Mme Cezanne in her red kimono but that’s for next time.

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"Stork and Four Frogs." ca. 1889.
“Stork and Four Frogs.” ca. 1889. French. Japonisme. Distemper on red-dyed cotton fabric in a three-paneled screen. Pierre Bonnard, artist (1867-1947). Private collection. Image courtesy the Athenaeum. via https://eclecticlight.co/2018/05/08/pierre-bonnard-japonisme-and-the-nabis-1888-1892/

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