Sterling silver decorated with animals and plants from right around 1880. American. Dominick & Haff, creators. Opening in 1821 under the name of William Gale and Son, what was left of Dominick and Haff was sold to Reed and Barton in 1928.

Jug. 1879. Silver, brass, and copper. Part of an exhibition at the De Young Museum, San Francisco. Source: Daderot. Photograph taken on November 5, 2013. Cc0 License 1.0. via,_Dominick_%26_Haff,_New_York_City,_1879,_silver,_brass,_copper_-_De_Young_Museum_-_DSC00884.JPG
Intaglio chased water pitcher with a hibiscus on one side and a lily on the other. 1881. Aesthethic Movement. Sterling silver. Underside with the inscription “BOWEN/ AUG. 25th/ 1856 and 1881.” Maker’s marks: marked under the base above the inscription with Dominick & Haff’s trademark, “STERLING/ 86”. Image © 2020 Spencer Marks Ltd.. Fair use license. via
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Water pitcher with chased repoussé floral and foliate decoration. 1884. Sterling silver. Imaged by Heritage Auctions, Image © Heritage Auctions, Fair use license. via

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