Novelty scent bottles made from porcelain but decorated up to look like bird eggs. For a minute I thought they were real birds’ eggs. Very Victorian. Staffordshire. James Macintyre & Company, manufacturers

Egg-shaped scent bottle with a screw-off white metal top in the motif of an owl’s head. Late Victorian. Makers marks: “Rd. Number 20772” to base of egg, and “Rd. Number 27414” to base of cover. Image © Toovey’s Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers. Fair use license. via
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Miniature bird’s egg scent bottle, formed and decorated as a realistic speckled bird’s egg with a silver chick’s head top. ca. 1800. Porcelain and silver. Makers marks Base of the bottle with the painted registery number “20772” assigned to James Macintyre, Washington China Works, Burslem. Image © 2001 – 2020 Sellingantiques Ltd. Fair use license. via
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Porcelain egg form scent bottle with decorations probably modeled on a song thrush egg. Victorian. Registration marks for Macintyre on the base. Image © 2020 – WorthPoint Corporation. Fair use license. via
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Egg form scent bottle hand-painted with the coloration of a seagull egg with a sterling silver cap. ca. 1885. Porcelain and silver. Maker’s marks; base of bottle marked with “20772” which was issued to James Macintyre, Washington China Works, Burslem. Silver cap and collar hallmarked for Sampson Mordan. Image © 1998-2020 Ruby Lane, Inc. Fair use license. via

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