Brightly colored faience pottery birds. 18th century, made in Prussia. All of them almost real enough to start chirping. Three ewers, one soup tureen and a sweets dish.

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Faience ewer and cover, modeled as a brightly colored parrot perched on rockwork with the head forming the cover and the handle as a leafy branch. ca. 1770. Prussian. Proskau, maker. Maker’s marks: Script “DP” with the mark in manganese. Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via
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Pair of faience parrot jugs and covers, each modeled as a parrot standing on a curled branch that loops up to form the handle with a fruit hanging at the front, painted in shades of green, yellow, blue and manganese with the branches in brown with a green entwined vine. ca. 1770-1780. Prussian. Proskau or Glienitz, maker. Image © Bonhams 2001-2020. Fair use license. via
Faience tureen and cover modeled as a duck. ca. late 18th c. Prussian. ,Proskau, maker. Makers marks: Marked with a blue “P” and with an underglaze black “2” on the interior of the bowl and cover. Faded paper label for the Antique Porcelain Company, New York. Image © 2013-2020 STAIR Galleries. Fair use license. via
Faience sweets dish in the model of a coot. 18th c. Attributed to Proskau. Image © Lempertz Auctions. Fair use license. via

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