Greek Revival decorated pottery. mid 19th c. Staffordshire. Samuel Alcock was a leading British pottery manufacturer who started Samuel Alcock and Company in 1828. It closed in the 1860s.

Screenshot (132)
Five jugs and vases with transfer printed scenes, enamel glazes and gilt edges. Victorian. Ceramic. Image © Leonard Joel, Melbourne, Australia and Fair use license. via
Screenshot (134)
Amphora decorated with various mythological figures including Triptolemos, demi-god of the harvest, shown seated in his winged chariot drawn by serpents travelling the world spreading the gods’ gift of agriculture.. ca. 1859. British. Image © 2020 – WorthPoint Corporation. Fair use license. via
Three two handled Greek Revival vases. Large orange ground vase decorated with birds with handles decorated with satyrs playing the pipes and Dionis and maenads on the obverse. The smaller vase (right) with a small vase with a motif Nike beneath a stylized border and the smallest (left) with a satyr and maenads. ca. 1860. British. Maker’s marks: Printed “S.A. & CO”. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via

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