French Art Nouveau ceramics by Clément Massier who was born into a family of ceramicists. He was a collaborator Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer, starting in 1887. His factory-gallery complex in Golfe Juan became a destination for the elite who summered in Monaco, Nice, and Cannes. Brother of Jérôme and Delphin Massier.

Screenshot (178)
Iridescent cauldron shaped planter/iardinière made for the Hôtel Ritz. 1885. Ceramic, iridescent glazed earthenware. Makers marks: Signed. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
“Clematis” luster glazed vase. Undated. Ceramic, glazed earthenware.Signed “Clement Massier, Golfe Juan, A M”. Image ©2020 Tandem Gallery, Gendringen NL. Fair use license. via
Iridescent vase with a squat baluster body raised on a coppery glazed ring foot. A wide tall neck with three additional smaller, parallel necks rising from the sides of the vessel. Overall iridescent glaze in dark purple and light blue green with flying bumble bees among leafy fronds. ca. 1900. Glazed earthenware, ceramic. Makers marks: “CLEMENT MASSIER/ GOLFE-JUAN/ [?]AM” painted on the bottom in green. Collections of the Brooklyn Museum. Creative Commons license. via

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