Portrait paintings of women and children. American. Myrtle Jean MacLane (M. Jean MacLane), painter. Living from 1878 to 1964, she studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“Heading for Bath.” 1921. American. Oil on canvas. Signature and date on the upper left. Image source: William Doyle Auctions, New York. In the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1925. via https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jean_McLane,_Heading_for_Bath,_1921.jpg
“Beach Life. Devonshire.” 1926. Oil on canvas. Signed “JEAN MacLANE” and dated 1926 on the lower right. © Estate of the artist. Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2020/american-art-2/myrtle-jean-maclane-beach-life-devonshire
“Against the Red Cliffs of Devon.” ca. 1926-1927. Oil on canvas. Signed “Myrtle MacLane” on the lower left. © Estate of the artist. Image © 2020 Heritage Auctions. Fair use license. via https://fineart.ha.com/itm/fine-art-painting-american/myrtle-jean-maclane-american-1878-1964-against-the-red-cliffs-of-devon-circa-1926-1927oil-on-canvas36-x-45/a/5096-64308.s

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