Quiet paintings of trees and water with a few people. Perfect as the afternoon winds down. Belgian. Louis Pulinckx, landscape artist. Born in 1843 and living until 1910, Pulinckx was born in Antwerp and studied art in Paris under the Barbizon painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Exhibited at the 1875 Exposition générale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.

View on the Scheldt
View on the Schledt.” 1875. Belgian. Oil on canvas. Collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Fair use license. via https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/view-on-the-scheldt-32175

“The Peaceful Valley.” Undated. Oil on canvas. Image source; Sotheby’s. Image © 1986-2020 Invaluable, LLC. Fair use license. via https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/louis-pulinckx-the-peaceful-valley-14-c-1b74368b0c#

“Paysage à la rivière
.” 19th c. Belgian. Oil on canvas. Image ©2020 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. via http://www.artnet.com/artists/louis-pulinckx/paysage-%C3%A0-la-rivi%C3%A8re-BzNGiH0CzIwo1ecmm3HXeQ2

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