Lake Nemi, Italy. Various painters from various countries who all painted in Rome. Everyone did, sharing with what we would call studio/roommates if you weren’t rich enough to rent one by yourself.

“Vue du lac de Nemi,” 1869. Gouache. Artist not known. Annotated “Nemi 1869” on the right. Image © and Beaussant Lefèvre, Paris. Fair use license. via
“Lake Nemi.” 1857. American. George Inness, painter (1825-1894). Image source: wikipedia. Image © 2020 Life in Italy LLC. Fair use license. via
“Vue du lac de Nemi au soleil couchant.” 18th c. English. Joseph Wright, dit Wright of Derby, artist (1734-1797), artist. Image © 2005 Musée du Louvre / Erich Lessing. Fair use license. via

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