Covered pots in porcelain from Meissen. Various intended uses. All very pretty and perfect for your next party.

Covered pot with a strawberry shaped grip and polychrome decoration of fruits and flowers. Louis XV (reigned from 1715 to 1774). Made in Dresden, Saxony (Germany). Porcelain with gilt bronze mounts. Meissen. Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via
Cream pot and cover. The pot with three paw feet picked out in puce, the sides reserved with three quatrelobe panels painted in Kakiemon style with indianische Blumen. Scroll handle with further flowers with a gilt-line rim. Cover painted with birds and flowering branches within a brown-edged rim. ca. 1730. Made in Dresden, Saxony (Germany). Blue ground with a overrare Meissen underglaze. Maker’s mark: crossed swords mark in underglaze-blue. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Purple “Indian” round tureen with a figure holding a cornucopia with fruit on the cover. 1880s-1890s. Made in Dresden, Saxony (Germany). Maker’s mark: crossed swords. mark for Meissen in blue on the underside. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via

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