Art Déco women frozen for life and never getting to stand up. Figurines for your coffee table done by Ferdinand Preiss of Germany who lived from 1882 to 1943.

“Dreams.” Figure in ivory of a kneeling beauty in a thoughtful, contemplative mood, the surface having excellent hand-carved details. Raised on a green onyx and black marble pyramid base. 1925. Art Déco. German. Ivory, onyx and marble. Maker’s marks: Signed “F Preiss on the back. Image © 2020, Hickmet Fine Arts. Fair use license. via
“Girl on Wall.” Gilt and patinated bronze figure of a girl sitting on an alabaster base. ca. 1925. Art Déco. German. Gilt and patinated bronze and alabaster. Maker’s marks: Foundry mark for Preiss and Kassler. Image © Bonhams 2001-2020. Fair use license. via
Figurine of a woman modeled in ivory with a fawn modeled in patinated bronze sitting on an onyx and black glass base. Undated. Art Déco. German. Ivory, patinated bronze, onyx and black glass. Maker’s marks: Engraved “F. Preiss.” Image © 2020 Auction house Lempertz. Fair use license. via

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