Majolica pieces all decorated with animals to make your guests have to guess what is for dinner. mid 19th century. English, designed by George Jones who started out working for Minton as a potter’s apprentice in the 1830s but then opened his majolica works in 1862.

Tea tray with monkey handles. Blue with green and white decoration and brown monkeys. ca. 1875-1882. Ceramic. Maker’s marks: Mark specifying that this design was registered by George Jones on June 26, 1875 with the last design for majolica being registered in 1882. Image ©2021DimitriosBastas. Fair use license. via
Majolica cheese keep in green, ochre, and brown on a white ground, featuring an overlapping leaf border and cow finial. 1880. English. Ceramic. Marked on the base. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via
Majolica mackerel tureen and cover, with predominately yellow, green, and gray coloration. The cover featuring a mackerel fish lying on a bed of fern leaves and reeds. ca. 1870. English. Marks: Pattern number “2763” and maker’s marks for the George Jones Pottery. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via


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