Desk sets to make your library look a million times fancier. Ormolu and malachite, all antique.

Ormolu and malachite and cabochon mounted desk set. Each piece decorated overall with engraved scrolling foliage. Encrier mounted with putti and inset with malachite and garnet cabochons, hinged writing pad inset to the cover with an oval veneered malachite panel, pen rest mounted with an oval cabochon, and a hinged letter holder with cream silk lined interior and three divided compartments. 1850-1875. French. Maker not known. Image © Christie’s 2021. Fair use license, via
Malachite and ormolu nine piece desk set with combination tray, blotting pad, inkwell, candlestick, paper knife, vesta, stamp tray, blotter, desk tray and a seal. The tray with a decorative ropetwist border. ca. 1880. Maker not known. Image  © 2008-21 Regent Antiques Limited. Fair use license. via
Ormolu desk set with malachite cabochons with a pen tray, desk tidy and candlestick. 19th c. Maker not known. Image © 2021, The Antique Guild. Fair use license. via

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