Novelty barware, shot cups (jiggers) with a stoplight motif running up the front. mid 20 century. Made in the United States and Canada.

Stoplight shot cup. 1930s. American. Sterling silver with red, yellow and green circles, indicating STOP, CAUTION, and GO. Made and signed by ALVIN. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via

Mid-century Chrome jigger decorated with a green, yellow, and red colored traffic light design and a bakelite handle. As the liquid capacity of the spirit measure increases the engraved warnings signal Safe, and Caution, Danger. Mid 20th c. Canadian. Glo-Hill Canada, maker. Image © SIR JACK’S. Fair use license. via
Brass stoplight jigger with green, yellow, and red lucite lights corresponding to “safe, caution, danger.” Vintage, probably mid 20th c. Canadian. Glo-Hill, Canada, maker. Maker’s marks: marked “Reg’d Design, Glo-Hill, Canada” on the base. Image © 2021 – WorthPoint Corporation. Fair use license. via

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