Egyptian Revival with a Wedgwood twist. Very popular. These pieces all being recent but they have been making it off and on for a long time.

Black basalt canopic jar and cover with gilded bands of hieroglyphs and zodiac motifs. 1978. English. Ceramic. Wedgwood, maker. Numbered 26 in a limited edition of 50. Impressed mark. Image © 1999 – 2021 SKINNER, INC, Fair use license. via
Black and terracotta jasper Egyptian inkstand, the boat-form tray with a griffin or crocodile head at either end, fitted with a covered sander and pounce pot and a canopic jar inkwell, each with applied hieroglyphs in relief. 2000. English. Ceramic. Wedgwood, maker. Impressed marks. Image  © 2021 Bidsquare Inc. Fair use license. via
Rosso Antico (red stoneware) sugar bowl and lid with black basalt decorations in Egyptian motifs with a crocodile finial on the lid. ca. 1805. Made in Staffordshire, England at Wedgwood’s Etruria Works. Ceramic. Image  © Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, New South Wales. Fair use license. via

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