Down to the water or perhaps the mountains with Constance Lady Wenlock. Born in London, she lived from 1852 to 1832. Traveled in Italy and in India where her husband was governor of Madras but she also painted and wrote poetry.

“Val d’Arno.” 1919. British. Watercolor, gouache and pencil. Image  © 2021 Radnorshire Fine Arts Ltd. Fair use license. via

Figures on a mountain path overlooking the plains, thought to be India. 1894. British. Watercolor and body color. Signed and dated “C Wenlock/1894” on the lower left. Image © 1986-2021 Invaluable, LLC and Bonhams. Fair use license. via,-1852-1932-Figur_ECC4650844/#

“Evening scene – The Golden Horn.” Undated. Watercolor. Signed. Image © 1986-2021 Invaluable, LLC and Golding Young and Mawer. Fair use license. via

An Indian landscape. 1897. British. Watercolor. Signed and dated 1897 on the lower right. Image © 1986-2021 Invaluable, LLC and Dreweatts 1759. Fair use license. via

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