Fantastical gilded creatures trying to escape from the furniture they are holding up. One with no gilding. François Honoré-Georges Jacob-Desmalter (1770-1841). From 1796 to 1825, he oversaw one of the most successful furniture workshops in the city of Paris.

Throne of Napoleon to be used at the Senate.
Throne of Napoleon to be used at the Senate with elbow-rests that depict a pair of winged sphinxes. 1804. Shown in an exhibition at the Chateau of Versailles but is kept in the Senate conference room. Jacob-Desmalter, maker. In the public domain in the United States because the maker has been dead over 70 years. via
Gueridon. with a marble top supported by three gilt-bronze female caryatids. Stretcher centered by an urn flanked by gilt-bronze sphinxes. ca. 1880. Gilt-bronze and mahogany with a Verde Antico marble top. French. in the manner of Jacob-Desmalter with the design having been derived from a “console double-face” made by Jacob-Desmalter for Caroline Murat, Napoleon’s youngest sister. Image © Adrian Alan Fine Art and Antiques. Fair use license. via
One of a set of four armchairs.
One of a set of four armchairs. ca. 1808. Egyptian Revival in style. Mottled maple, boxwood and amaranth with upholstery. Jacob-Desmalter, maker. Signature: Stamped : JACOB. Image © Galerie Perrin. Fair use license. via

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