Wine bottle coolers from Sèvres. So much more elegant than tossing them into an ice-filled bathtub. One has a lid to keep the ice cream cold. 18th and 19th century.

Bottle coolers with gilt-tole flowers.
Bottle coolers with gilt-tole and porcelain flowers. Both coolers painted with scattered bouquets and sprigs within blue and gilt filets and fitted with bouquets of porcelain flowers on gilt tôle stems. ca. 1769. French. Porcelain. Maker’s mark of blue interlaced L’s enclosing a date letter “Q”. Painter’s marks for Niquet. Porcelain flowers being 18th century and later. Gilt-tole 19th to 20th century. Sèvres. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2019. Fair use license. via
Bottle cooler. 19th c.
Bottle cooler. 19th c. French. Porcelain. Marks: interlaced L’s on underside. Sèvres. Image © 2008-2019 Bukowski Auktioner AB. Fair use license. via
Wine bottle cooler. 1791.
Wine bottle cooler with a black enamel ground with platinum and gold decoration. 1791. French. Hard-paste porcelain. Made from a model originally designed in 1753 by Jean-Claude Duplessis the Elder. Jean-Jacques Dieu, gilder. Sèvres. Collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum. Cc0 License 4.0. via
Ice cream cooler. 1805.
Ice cream cooler, part of a service that was purchased that year by a banker on behalf of the Portuguese ambassador to Russia. Black ground with Chinoiserie decoration. Designed so that ice could be stored below the interior liner and in the cavity of the steep-sided lid. 1805. French. Sèvres. Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. In the public domain. via
Pair of bottle coolers from a service commissions by Madame Du Barry
Pair of bottle coolers from a service commissioned by Madame Du Barry. Each side with a gilt-edged circular medallion depicting a seated putto with the putti emblematic of Poetry holding an ode to the marriage on May 16, 1770 of the dauphin to Marie Antoinette. 1770. Porcelain. Sèvres. Image © Bonhams. Fair use license. via
Bottle cooler from the service of the Emperor Joseph II. 1776.
Bottle cooler from the service of the Austrian Emperor Joseph II which was a gift to the emperor from his brother in law French King Louis XVI. 1776. French. Soft-paste porcelain. Mark of interlaced L’s enclosing date letter “Y”. Painter’s mark “nq” for Nicquet. Image © Michele Beiny, Inc. New York. Fair use license. via

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