Pastille burners. Mostly antique. So much more fun than air fresheners but they do the same thing, burning pellets to scent up your house and cover up the cabbage smell coming out from the kitchen.

Screenshot (479)
Pastille burner with dolphin supports, rosso antico with black decoration. Still has the original lid and interior stand. ca. 1810. British. Ceramic. Wedgwood, maker. Makers marks: Stamped “JOSIAH WEDGWOOD” on the underside, along with an extremely rare mark, probably associated with trials of a new pyrometer or kiln. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Pastille burner and cover. ca. 1820. Pierced porcelain with enamels and gilding. Derby Porcelain Factory, Derby, maker. Makers marks: “D” under a crown and crossed batons, “11” in red, and an incised cross. Image© Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Fair use license. via
Pastille burner with swan supports. ca. 1820. Maker not known. Image © 2020 Richard Gardner Antiques. Fair use license. via
Trefoil shaped pastille burner, each corner cast as a grotesque mask and supported on a claw foot. Comes with a detachable pierced cover and liner. 20th c. Italian. Silver. Makers marks: Stamped “BREBONZIO” and “800” underneath. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via

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