Art Nouveau maidens in bronze. All from around 1900 and created by sculptor Charles Korschann (1872-1943) who was born in what is now Czechoslovakia but mostly worked in Paris.

“Femme Solifleur” vase in brown patinated bronze with a gilt bronze handle in the form of a stretched nymph. Late 19th c. Makers marks: Signed “Korschann.” Foundry mark for Louchet Paris. Image © 2020, Hickmet Fine Arts. Fair use license. via
Patinated bronze figural vase modeled and cast with a gilt bronze maiden or nymph standing on an elliptical vase embellished with flowers. ca. 1900. Makers marks: Signed “Ch. Korschann, Paris.” Foundry seal for Louchet, Paris. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via
Gilt bronze vase with nude and a background decorated with flowers. ca. 1901. Makers marks: Signed “Korschann.” Foundry mark for Foundry stamp Louchet, Paris. Image ©2020 DECONAMIC. Fair use license. via
Inkwell and desk tidy in the motif of a maiden standing among flowers and leaves, with the tray spreading out either side of her. ca. 1900. Makers marks: signed “Korschann.” Foundry marks for Colin Foundry, Paris. Image © 2016 Nouveau Deco Arts. Fair use license. via

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