Bohemian glass made by glass painter and entrepreneur Friedrich Egermann. Living from 1777 to 1864,  Egermann’s mother was from a glassmaking clan which must have helped her son get started. Worked in Blottendorf.

iLithyalin twelve-sided baluster vase with lithyalin glass in this color sometimes being known as “red Hyalith” or “rotwelsches” glass. Marbled in a rich “sealing wax” red with a turn over rim, on a basal collar above a spreading stem and wide circular foot. ca. 1830. Bohemian glass. Attributed to the workshop of Friedrich Egermann. Image © Bonhams 2001-2021. Fair use license. via
Biedermeier spa glass designed to be used taking the waters at a health spa. Green cut and gilded glass with panels of elaborate “Hoffnunn” and “Gesundheit” motifs and rocaille enameling picked out in gilt. 1841. Bohemian glass. Friedrich Egermann, maker. Engraved “Erni”, “Karlsbad”, and “1841”. Image © Spa glass itself in the public domain due to age. via
Beaker with polygonal stand and an angular body with a widening wall in lithyalin glass in brown, green, and yellow. ca. 1840. Bohemian. Presumed to be by Friedrich Egermann. Image © 2019 Fair use license. via

Smoker sets. Mostly Jugendstil. One by Josef Hoffmann for the Wiener Werkstätte. Almost makes me want to start smoking again (not).

Art Nouveau Iridescent Feathered Glass Smoking Set 4 PC

Phänomen Genre 829 smoking set with two holders for cigarettes or cigars and an ashtray sitting on a brass tray. ca. 1900. Jugendstil. Bohemian. Iridescent feathered glass and brass. Loetz, maker. Image via © 1998-2021 Ruby Lane, Inc. Fair use license. via

Complete smoker’s set with tray, cigarette holders and ashtray along with a match holder. 1923. Wiener Werkstätte. Brass. Made in Austria and designed by Josef Hoffmann. Maker’s marks: marked at the rim with “Wiener Werk Statte” in three rows, “Made in Austria” and the Josef Hoffmann signet “JH”. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via

Smoking set in brass and copper with a ornately decorated copper plate and two tobacco bowls, an ashtray and a match holder all with externally mounted brass stands. ca. 1915. Jugendstil. Austrian. Maker not known. Image ©, Inc. 2021. Fair use license. via

Four piece smoking set with cigarette and match holders, ashtray and tray. ca. 1910. Made in Vienna, Austria. Silver plate and crystal glass. Argentor – Werke Rust and Hetzel. Image © 2021 Catawiki. Fair use license. via

Jugendstil/Art Nouveau Majolica porcelain centerpieces made by Eichwald of Bohemia in what is now Czechoslovakia. Lovely colors.

Oval Majolica ceramic centerpiece with the bowl adorned with small rose blossoms on two sides which sits on a great shaped base with two white blossoms and red accents. ca. 1910. Bohemian. Eichwald, maker. Maker’s marks: Impressed “Eichwald and the Model Number 3013 on the bottom. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Large Majolica centerpiece with the top bowl surrounded by berries and leaves set on a gray background and floating on three beige columns. ca. 1910. Bohemian, assumed on the basis of various attributes to be Eichwald. Model number “4538” impressed on the bottom. Image © 2019 Vinterior Group Ltd. Fair use license. via
Majolica ceramic garniture with two vases and a centerpiece or jardinière in white, blue and dark petrol tones. ca. 1915. Bohemian. Eichwald, maker. Maker’s marks: Each piece marked “EICHWALD”, the centerpiece showing the model number “4353” and both vases being model number “986/4.” Image © 2019 Vinterior Group Ltd. Fair use license. via

Oil lamps done in art glass. All with interesting designs.

Venetian “Fume” tea color four spot art glass oil lamp fluted flower vase. Hand blown with a ruffled rim and rigaree decoration on the neck. Each spot has a shell decoration at the bottom. ca. 1870-1900. Italian. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via
Oil lamp, probably made in Bohemia for the English market. Late 19th c. Image © 2007–2020 Auctions Online USA Ltd. Fair use license. via
Acid etched glass oil lamp with a cameo glass egg shaped reservoir in green, acid etched with a fern leaf textured ground. Glass probably by Baccarat or Saint Louis as similar acid etched and cameo glass with the fern leaf pattern are shown in the 1907-1908 Baccarat catalogue. Cast bronze stand in the form of a chestnut branch with a square red marble base. ca. 1907. Art Nouveau. French. Maker’s marks: Glass marked “Depose.” Burner marked for the German manufacturer Kosmos. Art glass with marble and bronze. Image © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Fair use license. via
Art glass oil lamps in iridescent glass embellished with a pulled feather design and featuring removable glass encased wicks. Made in 1990. American. Stuart Abelman, maker. Engraved maker’s marks on the underside. Vases © Stuart Abelman. Image © 2020 EBTH, Inc. Fair use license. via

Art Nouveau maidens in bronze. All from around 1900 and created by sculptor Charles Korschann (1872-1943) who was born in what is now Czechoslovakia but mostly worked in Paris.

“Femme Solifleur” vase in brown patinated bronze with a gilt bronze handle in the form of a stretched nymph. Late 19th c. Makers marks: Signed “Korschann.” Foundry mark for Louchet Paris. Image © 2020, Hickmet Fine Arts. Fair use license. via

Patinated bronze figural vase modeled and cast with a gilt bronze maiden or nymph standing on an elliptical vase embellished with flowers. ca. 1900. Makers marks: Signed “Ch. Korschann, Paris.” Foundry seal for Louchet, Paris. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via

Gilt bronze vase with nude and a background decorated with flowers. ca. 1901. Makers marks: Signed “Korschann.” Foundry mark for Foundry stamp Louchet, Paris. Image ©2020 DECONAMIC. Fair use license. via

Inkwell and desk tidy in the motif of a maiden standing among flowers and leaves, with the tray spreading out either side of her. ca. 1900. Makers marks: signed “Korschann.” Foundry marks for Colin Foundry, Paris. Image © 2016 Nouveau Deco Arts. Fair use license. via

Art Nouveau era majolica glazed ceramics. Various makers and countries. All in wonderful colors.

Candlestick. ca. 1900. Art Nouveau. French. Ceramic with multicolor stylized floral motifs with gilded bronze. Maker not known. Image ©, Inc. 2020. Fair use license. via

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Swan centerpiece in the form of a sleigh with a large shell on an ice skate with a swan at its head. ca. 1900. Art Nouveau. Majolica/Barbotine art pottery. Signed “Eichwald”. Eichwald Company, maker. Image © 1998-2020 Ruby Lane, Inc. and My French Attic. Fair use license. via

Tall vase with a tube-lined design of cranes in a marsh landscape Fitted in a gilt metal arrowroot motif stand. ca. 1900. Bohemian. Makers marks: “JCB” for Julian Dresser. Julian Dresser, maker. Image © Fair use license. via—art-deco/120/dressler-julius-biela-tall-vase-with-handles-c1900-80073/