Brûle-parfum, mostly in gilt bronze and looking vaguely Egyptian Revival. Very popular in the early 19th century. Spirit lamps on legs that heat up pastilles and perfume up the room. So much prettier than air fresheners.

Gilt-bronze brûle-parfum, with a pierced neck, flanked by snake-shaped handles and raised on a verde antico marble pedestal. Early 19th c. French. Empire. Image © 2020 Sotheby’s. Fair use license. via

Brûle-parfum in the shape of an Athenian, the base with winged sphinxes framing a central flaming oil lamp, resting on a base decorated with a vestal on each of the three faces. Early 19th c. French. Gilt-bronze and green patinated bronze. Attributed to Andre-Antoine Ravrio (1759-1814). Image © CHRISTIE’S 2020. Fair use license. via

Brûle-parfum vessels with Nike figures, both with relief decorated plinths. One with a footrest with Empire ornamentation on three gilded sphinx’s feet and the shell in chain suspension held by the goddess of victory. The second with a curved plinth on paw feet and a cut crystal bowl, floral pierced lid, as well of chain suspension, of the winged Nike figure. ca. 1800. French. Bronze, gilded bronze, brown patinated bronze and a cut crystal bowl. Image © Very Important Lot and Stahl Auktionshaus, Hamburg. Fair use license. via

Pair of six-light candelabra with Brûle-parfums, decorated with acanthus leaves and swans. Each with an elaborate scrolled acanthus wrapped shaft headed by a fluted and foliate wrapped cornucopia. The porcelain plaques decorated with differing scenes of cherubs amid clouds. ca. 1815-20. French. Gilt bronze and polychrome painted enamel with porcelain plaques. Attributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843). Image © 2020 RICHARD REDDING ANTIQUES LTD. Fair use license. via

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