Dramatic looking landscapes by American artist Louisa Davis Minot. Living from 1788 to 1858, she was part of the Hudson River School.

“White Mountains.” 19th c. American. Oil on canvas. Unsigned, titled and attributed on a handwritten gummed label affixed to the stretcher, with a temporary loan label from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, also on the stretcher. Attributed to Louisa Davis Minot. Image © 1999 – 2020 SKINNER, INC, Fair use license. via https://live.skinnerinc.com/lots/view/4-3KUQ3Y/attributed-to-louisa-davis-minot-american-1788-1858
Niagara Falls. 19th c. American. Oil on canvas. Louisa Davis Minot, painter. In the public domain due to age. via https://fineartamerica.com/featured/niagara-falls-louisa-davis-minot.html.
“Niagara Falls.” 1818. American. Oil on linen. Louisa Davis Minot, artist. Collections of the New York Historical Society. Image © The New-York Historical Society. Fair use license. via https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Niagara-Falls-1818-by-Louisa-Davis-Minot-Oil-on-linen-762-1032-cm-Gift-of-Mrs_fig4_307840044

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