Bohemian glass made by glass painter and entrepreneur Friedrich Egermann. Living from 1777 to 1864,  Egermann’s mother was from a glassmaking clan which must have helped her son get started. Worked in Blottendorf.

iLithyalin twelve-sided baluster vase with lithyalin glass in this color sometimes being known as “red Hyalith” or “rotwelsches” glass. Marbled in a rich “sealing wax” red with a turn over rim, on a basal collar above a spreading stem and wide circular foot. ca. 1830. Bohemian glass. Attributed to the workshop of Friedrich Egermann. Image © Bonhams 2001-2021. Fair use license. via
Biedermeier spa glass designed to be used taking the waters at a health spa. Green cut and gilded glass with panels of elaborate “Hoffnunn” and “Gesundheit” motifs and rocaille enameling picked out in gilt. 1841. Bohemian glass. Friedrich Egermann, maker. Engraved “Erni”, “Karlsbad”, and “1841”. Image © Spa glass itself in the public domain due to age. via
Beaker with polygonal stand and an angular body with a widening wall in lithyalin glass in brown, green, and yellow. ca. 1840. Bohemian. Presumed to be by Friedrich Egermann. Image © 2019 Fair use license. via

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