Various castles modeled up in Staffordshire ceramic. No tiny knights or damsels in distress included.

Large Staffordshire pearlware model of a castle with a central square tower enclosed within crenellated walls and accessed through heavily studded doors set within rusticated openings. Two round towers to either side and the walls with incised stonework washed in brown. Possibly meant to hold flowers. ca. 1800. British. Staffordshire. Ceramic. Image © Bonhams 2001-2021. Fair use license. via
PStaffordshire pearlware spill vase composed of seven cylindrical castellated towers, the central one with lancet window and clock, on a red tiled base. ca. 1810. British. Ceramic. Staffordshire Image © 2018 Reeman Dansie. Fair use license. via
Staffordshire pastille burner modeled as Balmoral Castle in Scotland with multiple turrets and towers on a scroll molded white base with title plaque, walkway through the front garden to the red entry door, and green garlands with red flowers adorning the rooftops and turrets, Antique. British. Staffordshire. Ceramic. Provenance: Bonhams and Butterfields, December, 2005. Image © 2021 Chairish, Inc. Fair use license. via

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