Sculptures of dogs in terracotta and marble. Mostly greyhounds. Victorian. Joseph Gott, sculptor. Living from 1786 to 1860, he was English but mostly worked in Rome. A member of the Royal Academy Schools, his work was very popular in the 1830s.

Greyhound with puppies. ca. 1825-27. Sculpted in Rome, Italy. Carved white marble on a variegated marble base. Joseph Gott, English sculptor (1786-1860). Image © 2022 and collections of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham. Fair use license. via
Model of a dog, a dog sitting on hindlegs, atop a green polished stone plinth.. Undated, by 1860. English. Terracotta. Joseph Gott, sculptor (1786-1860). Collections of Hospitalfield, Arbroath. Cc0 License. via–referrer:global-search/page/2/view_as/grid

Greyhound suckling her two pups. 1825-1930. Sculpted in Rome, Italy. Terracotta group on a later black marble plinth. Joseph Gott, English sculptor (1786-1860). Signed J GOTT. FT. Image © CHRISTIE’S 2022. Fair use license. via

A greyhound with her two puppies suckling. 1825. English. Marble. Joseph Gott, sculptor (1786-1860). Displayed in the Sculpture Gallery, Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England. Image source: Daderot. Artwork itself in the public domain because the artist died over 100 years ago. via,by_Joseph_Gott,_1825,_marbleSculpture_Gallery,_Chatsworth_HouseDerbyshire,_England-_DSC03497.jpg

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