Designs for Minton by Scotsman Christopher Dresser. Porcelain. Living from 1834 to 1904, he trained as a botanist but also made some wonderful art. All of these with a lot of blue but he worked in pink and brown too.

Cachepot. 1875-1900.
Cachepot. 1875-1900. Aesthetic movement in style. Japonaise. Cloisonne. Decorated with a blue top band simulating sky above a green sea filled with colorful carp and stylized flowers and plants, all figures outlined with a fine line of gold. Image © James D. Julia and 2019 Morphy Auctions. Fair use license. via
U shaped vase. 1886 or 1889.
U shaped vase with Japanese and pre-Columbian influences. 1886 or 1889. Hard-paste porcelain. Image© 2000–2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fair use license. via
Piece for a dresser. No date.
Piece for a dresser. No date. Image 2019 Andrew Muir – Leading Clarice Cliff and 20th Century Ceramics Dealer. Fair use license. via
Pair of quintal vases. 1850-1900.
Pair of quintal vases modeled on the Dutch tulipière. 1850-1900. Pseudo cloisonne porcelain. Turquoise ground enamel decorated with yellow and white flowers and geometric designs supported by dolphin masks on a shaped base. Image © 1999 – 2019 SKINNER, INC. Fair use license. via

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