Mountains off in the American West in what looks from now to be a dreamtime but wasn’t. These all being of scenes in Arizona. George Elbert Burr, artist. Living from 1859 to 1939, he was a printmaker and painter, briefly studying at the Chicago Academy of Design.

"Verde River-- Apache Reservation, Arizona." 1920. Etching.
“Verde River– Apache Reservation, Arizona.” 1920. Etching. Signed and titled in pencil on the lower margin. Image © Swann Auction Galleries. Fair use license. via—Apache-Reservation-Arizona?saleno=2532&lotNo=118&refNo=769317
"Superstition Mountain - Apache Trail - Arizona." 1926. Etching.
“Superstition Mountain – Apache Trail – Arizona.” 1926. Etching. Signed “George Elbert Burr” on the lower left. Monogrammed “GB” on the lower right corner of the plate. Titled on the lower right. Image © 2003-2019 Allan J. McIntyre Tucson, Arizona. Fair use license. via
"Evening, Arizona." ca. 1930.
“Evening, Arizona.” ca. 1930. Etching. Monogram in the plate on the lower left corner. Signed “George Elbert Burr, Trial Proof” along the lower margin in pencil. Image © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Fair use license. via

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